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Fall Fun at Home: Paper Plate Leaves

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Crinkle, crinkle, crunch. There’s nothing like the sound of fallen leaves and acorns under your boots. You can recreate the whimsy of autumn and bring the outdoors in with this simple kids craft project!

Using on-hand “ingredients” like paper plates and construction paper, this is the perfect activity for fall fun at home.

Bonus: You can use these colorful leaves as Thanksgiving table decor!


What you’ll need:

  •  Large Paper Plates

  • Tan/Brown Cardstock

  • Yellow/Orange/Tan Tissue Paper (or construction paper)

  • Scissors

  • School Glue

  • Stapler

Get crafty!:

  • Cut your paper plates down to look like leaves. Check out the shapes above from Glued to My Crafts Blog for inspiration.

  • Cut or tear your tissue paper into small squares. You can also use construction paper if you do not have tissue paper.

  • Put a good amount of glue on your paper plate cutouts. Place the tissue paper or construction paper pieces on top of the glue in a mosaic design, until they are completely covered.

  • Cut out a simple stem (basic rectangular shapes work great) out of some tan/brown cardstock.

  • To finish off the leaves, staple the cardstock stems to the finished paper plates. Feel free to get creative with other embellishments like glitter before setting aside to dry.

Add a dose of gratitude:

At Challenge Island, we believe in helping the kids of today become the well-rounded adults of the future. That means instilling lifelong qualities and skills like cooperation, patience and empathy. November is the perfect season to teach your kids about gratitude. (Not an easy task when today’s generation seems to have it all!) Add a dose of gratitude to your fall leaf project by asking your kids to write one thing they are grateful for on each leaf.

Kudos to the Glued to My Craft Blog for the creative paper plate leaves idea!

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