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Monster Eye Surprise! Halloween Eggs-periment

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Double, double, toil & trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble… full of monster eyes! The ingredients for a STEAM-y Halloween activity are waiting for you right in your kitchen pantry. All you need for this ooey-gooey, creeper-peeper experiment are eggs, vinegar, permanent marker, corn syrup and food coloring.   Step One: Use permanent markers to decorate a raw egg (or multiple eggs) and create spooky monster eyes. The creepier the better! Place the eggs in a jar and cover them with vinegar. This can be white or cider vinegar. (Remember to wash your hands after handling the eggs!) Let them sit overnight and check on your monster eyes in the morning. What happened to the eggs? You’ll notice only the membrane of the egg remains. Vinegar is an acid that breaks down the egg shell, which is made of calcium and carbon. It’s a chemical reaction! Did you notice any bubbling when you first covered the eggs with the vinegar? This was your first sign of a chemical reaction. Carbon and vinegar reacted to form carbon dioxide bubbles! Step Two: Return the eggs to the jar. Cover the eggs with corn syrup and add green food coloring. Leave them in the refrigerator for 24 hours. What happened to the eggs this time? You’ll notice your eerie monster eyes have shrunk! The soft membrane of the eggs let water molecules pass through – a process called osmosis. Because corn syrup doesn’t have much water, the molecules moved out of the egg and into the corn syrup, making the monster eyes shrivel! When you’re done “eggsperimenting,” you can leave the monster eyes in their green goo for a spooky Halloween decoration. At Challenge Island, we love activities that combine science with art and hands-on learning! What’s more fun than that? Be sure to send us pictures of your monster eyes! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or use the hashtag #ChallengeIsland. We’d love to share your creepy creations! Big thanks to the Kitchen Pantry Scientist for this fun at-home activity. For the full Challenge Island experience, from building stomp rockets to designing roller coasters, be sure to sign up locally or contact us!  

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