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Challenge Island Testimonials

Parents, educators, and kids alike rave about Challenge Island!
Here is a glimpse at what they are saying:

The Challenge Island program does a fantastic job of preparing children for today’s complex problem-based learning style. It is the perfect complement to our school’s STEM-based curriculum. As a scientist, I see the need for this kind of cooperative, challenge-based type of training every day. CI makes it fun for kids and parents know that their children are learning valuable life skills along the way.

– Jennifer R.
Professional Scientist, Shallowford Falls Elementary Foundation STEM Chairman, Challenge Island Parent

My daughter participated in Challenge Island this past semester and I have to say that it has taken learning and fun to a new level. Over Tuesday night dinners, the Challenge Island activities are the topic of conversation from my 6 year old. Her interest in the combination of science, math and history is especially encouraging to see as we know from the data that we have to do more to encourage girls’ interest in these subject matters. I am a very strong believer in the power and importance of Challenge Island.

– Heidi G,
Challenge Island Parent, Sope Creek Elementary

It’s hard to imagine a more exciting, complete program. Every single lesson I see children’s imaginations awakened and their confidence reinforced. Challenge island allows the children all the freedom they crave to collaborate and create.  It’s about design, construction and making something work and the huge satisfaction that comes from being completely involved in the creation of something original.  The kids absolutely love it!

– Lorna B.
Challenge Island teacher ( 30 years classroom experience)

Challenge Island is the highlight of the entire week for the children who participate in our programs.  They can’t wait for Challenge Island to come on that one day.  Seeing the wonder in their eyes as they create and imagine is my favorite part of owning a Challenge Island Franchise.

-Caleigh Smith,
Challenge Island Owner, Palm Beach County, FL

Challenge Island has a magic formula. My 10 year old son has attended many other camps and has never been as excited about any of them as he was about his Challenge Island camp. I don’t know how they do it but I do know their formula works, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

– Marcus S.
Challenge Island Wizardry Camp, Parent

Challenge Island is the highlight of my two sons’ week. They count down the days until they get to go back. I’ve had to change appointments because my boys refused to miss Challenge Island. As a first grade teacher at their school, I also appreciate the many benefits my students gain from Challenge Island. My kids and my students absolutely love this program.

Staci C.
Challenge Island Parent, First Grade Teacher, Timber Ridge Elementary

I enjoy teaching the Challenge Island classes because the lessons are so fun, creative and interactive. I get a great feeling of joy when I see how happy students are when they accomplish a task for the day. The music and freedom to move around the room to work together add to the excitement of the class. I feel privileged to be a part of this incredible program!

Shayna Peiken,
Challenge Island Teacher

I picked up my daughter from a birthday party and when I walked up, two other moms were talking about how impressed they were with Challenge Island and how excited they were that their first graders were learning and retaining information about mummies, pyramids, and the Great Depression (Time Machine Island). Yesterday, my first and second graders came home talking about the runaway mine train they built and told me all about the 1849 Gold Rush. My take away has been that in a short amount of time they are able to press a history lesson with a group project and create an engaging/impactful experience. It’s no wonder this program is in such high demand at every school.

Parent, Sope Creek Elementary

Challenge Island is an action packed hour of S.T.E.M. activities geared to all ages of Elementary students. The teachers are awesome and make learning so much fun. Every week the kids are entertained with challenges about Science, Technology, Engineering & Math without realizing they are learning! There is a lot of laughter going on, fun music, team building and adventures. I highly recommend Challenge Island as an After School Enrichment Program or a fun summer camp.

– Leslie B.,
Foundation Enrichment Coordinator, East Side Elementary

My son has LOVED Challenge Island this semester.  I signed him up for next semester and referred to a buddy of his who registered as well. Thank you for bringing this amazing program to our school!

– Cammie S.,
Challenge Island Parent, Mt. Bethel Elementary

Going to Challenge Island feels like everything is magic.  You can do anything and make anything and be anything you want to be.  It’s magic here.

– Jaidyn,
Challenge Island Native, Kincaid Elementary School

Challenge Island is a wonderful way to get both students immersed in STEM! I sincerely hope that we are able to work with Challenge Island throughout the school year and for years to come. As you know, we are pushing STEM career pathways among our students, and Challenge Island is a great way to not only get students excited about STEM, but increase their content knowledge and teach them 21st century skills.

– Tiarra M.
Middle School Science Instructional Coach

Challenge Island is just so imaginative and so different than anything else.  It’s not like any other STEM or STEAM program.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  As a Challenge Island Franchise Owner, I know that I am doing something to benefit my community and society as a whole. 

– Toni Wren,
Challenge Island Owner, Long Island, New York

I am definitely putting my son on the Hollywood Island VIP list. He is absolutely LOVING Mythology Island. Of course, I had no doubt that he would.

– Tammy G.
Challenge Island Parent, Mt. Bethel Elementary

My 8-year-old and 10-year-old both LOVE Challenge Island. Every Monday when I pick them up after school all they do is tell me about what they did that day in Challenge Island. I get more information about that than I do about what they did in school! I think Challenge Island is a fabulous program.

– Beth W.
Timber Ridge Elementary Challenge Island Parent, Kindergarten Teacher

At Challenge Island we do things you would never think to do at home. I love working with my friends on the challenges and I LOVE Challenge Island!

– Hayden,
Challenge Island Native, Kincaid Elementary

My boys have done the Challenge Island after school classes for 3 years without missing a session. They can’t get enough of it and I think it’s fantastic!

– Victoria S.
Challenge Island Parent, East Side Elementary

My 9-year old and 11-year old girls have SO much fun in your program and can hardly stop talking about their adventures on Challenge Island. We can’t wait to see what next semester’s challenges will be!

– Nancy H,
Challenge Island Parent, Timber Ridge Elementary

When you have an exciting curriculum the kids really respond. The passion and interest the kids put into each Challenge Island task let’s you know it has challenged their intellect and provided a channel for their ideas.  It’s a pleasure to teach this amazing program!

– Sarah C.
Challenge Island Teacher

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