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Challenge Island CNY Announces Social Bubble Camps

Challenge Island CNY Announces Social Bubble Camps

By September 3, 2020 Uncategorized

The 2020 fall school semester in Central New York is going to be unlike any in recent memory. With the COVID-19 pandemic still causing havoc nationwide, schools, teachers, and parents have been forced to make some hard decisions. Children, of course, are suffering the most. Missing out on education during their formative years can have dire long-term repercussions. Many are also isolated, unable to learn the socialization skills they’ll need later in life. 

The good news is that CNY parents are taking the situation into their own hands. Many are homeschooling their children, turning their kitchens into surrogate classrooms. Others have formed micro schools, school pods, and social bubble camps. In this way, smaller groups of children can get the education and socialization skills they need while staying safe and healthy. 

Parents are at a Distinct Disadvantage

The challenge, of course, is that most parents have never had formal training as teachers. Also, finding high-quality teaching materials that focus on STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) is difficult at best. This lack of experience and materials leaves parents at a distinct disadvantage on several fronts, with several daunting challenges:

     Keeping their kids engaged

     Presenting the material correctly

     Knowing how to deal with unruly children

     Not having adequate teaching materials. 

Introducing Challenge Island Social Bubble STEAM Adventures

To help both CNY parents and their children, Challenge Island has recently begun offering Social Bubble STEAM Adventures. Created by an award-winning team of educators, Social Bubble STEAM Adventures are perfect for parents who are homeschooling. If you’ve started a micro school, a school pod, or a social bubble of your own, our Social Bubble STEAM Adventures will be an excellent addition to your curriculum. 

How Do Our Social Bubbles Work?

Your child will stay safe as they learn and socialize with a small group of friends, family members, and neighbors. Better still, our exciting, cross-curricular format makes learning enjoyable, engaging, and fun. Children learn much better when they’re engaged in project based, hands-on learning, and that’s what they get from our award-winning learning adventures. 

Challenge Island works with parents, micro schools, social bubbles, or school pods. We can create a social bubble for you or help your child find a social bubble to join. Social bubbles are purposefully kept small and will follow all local, state, and federal government guidelines. Further, we scout the locations where all social bubbles are held ahead of time. 

Our team is ready to work with you to set the specific days and times for each STEAM Adventure. Also, all the materials and supplies needed for the day’s adventure are supplied by Challenge Island. All your child needs to do is show up, and Challenge Island takes care of the rest. 

Our COVID-19 Policy Is Straightforward And Clear

The reality of education in 2020 is that everyone must do their part to flatten the curve, reduce transmission, and stay safe from spreading COVID-19. To that end, Challenge Island has put in place safety measures for teachers, school staff, parents, and students. In this way, everyone can come together safely for the benefit of your children’s education and future. 

Social Bubble Are Forming Now

Challenge Islands’ Social Bubble STEAM Adventures is a challenging, fun, hands-on, and award-winning way to teach your kids. They’re also a safe and effective teaching tool that every micro school, social bubble, and school pod needs. If you have any questions about our Social Bubble STEAM Adventures, please call Terri Lowe, Owner and Director, at 315-309-4800 or email