Meet The Team Behind Challenge Island

Sandi & Eliana Schwartz

What inspired you to become a Challenge Island Franchise Owner?

Our love for kids.

Tell us about your professional background.

Combined we have worked in many different fields. Venture capitalism, entrepreneurship, sales and education.

What have you enjoyed most about starting your Challenge Island business?

Getting to work with the kids and see the look on their faces when they have just created something they thought they could have never even imagined.

Please share one of your favorite Challenge Island moments.

One of the most fun moments was when we did an event for 200 boys and they were all blasting marshmallows at each other.

What is your favorite Challenge Island “destination” and why?

We cannot choose just one, they are all so amazing in different ways.

What is your favorite quote from a student, parent, or school about Challenge Island?

“My daughter is always too sick to go to school in the morning, but always magically recovers in time to go to Challenge Island.”

What schools/venues do you currently participate at?

St. Marys Academy, University Park Elementary, Stanley British Primary, Ricks school for gifted children, Westerly Creek, Southmoor Elementary, Denver Academy of Torah, Cory Elementary, Highlands Ranch Recreation Centers, Denver Jewish Day School, Stephen Knight Center for Early Education, JCC boulder and JCC Denver.

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