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In developing our one of a kind proprietary curriculum, we at Challenge Island consider the needs of both the child of today and the adult of the future. For today’s kids, we offer whimsical, engaging journeys into new worlds of adventure and imagination – a welcome reprieve from the increasingly digitalized and high pressure childhood experience. For tomorrow’s adults, we offer the foundation upon which to build the skills required to thrive in a competitive, 21st century global society, as outlined by the P21 Partnership for 21st Century Learning.

Skills like communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking abilities, flexibility, sociability, initiative, leadership, and perseverance through difficulty. At Challenge Island, we are dedicated to ensuring a brighter future for our kids and our communities by helping you prepare your child to succeed in the 21st century and beyond.

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Challenge Island is all about building the next generation of big thinkers. Challenge Island kids learn to tackle challenges from multiple angles using diverse strategies and mediums. They are pushed to think outside the box rather than to stay within rigid lines.

Bloom’s Taxonomy categorizes thinking skills from lowest to highest. Challenge Island brings its students to the peak of critical thinking and problem solving every time.

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At Challenge Island we embrace children’s innate imagination by creating an environment where creativity blooms. Our whimsical themes create a kid-friendly context that inspires a unique breed of innovation and invention – one that is both unexpectedly complex and perfectly child-like.

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Resilience – or grit – has been identified by researchers as the single most significant predictor of a child’s future success – even more so than IQ. Yet, many millennial kids crumble when the going gets tough.

At Challenge Island we teach kids to persevere through difficulty, by presenting tough challenges as fun and exciting opportunities to flex their creative muscles and show just how tough they can be.

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When Challenge Island tribes open their treasure chests each week, they see a unique array of materials selected specifically for the challenge at hand. But where many engineering programs give kids a blueprint to follow, we do exactly the opposite – it’s up to the tribes to design their course. If the straws don’t make a great catapult, try out the popsicle sticks. If the marble falls off of the track, make a paper railing.

Like our iconic palm tree, Challenge Island kids learn to bend – not break – when things don’t work out as planned. This flexibility will serve them well one day in the global marketplace.

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In keeping with our goal of preparing children for the 21st century, Challenge Island works to instill environmental values in the next generation. Our philosophy is based on the idea of upcycling – or using a discarded item for a whole new (and far cooler!) purpose. On Challenge Island, kids use paper towel rolls to construct race cars; straws and rubber bands make to musical instruments; and the random contents of a recycling bin to create their very own tribal robots.

A Challenge Island teacher tells the story of a first grader who arrived at her Challenge Island classroom one day carrying a cardboard box twice her size. “Can you believe my parents were going to throw this out?!” the little girl asked. “What a waste that would have been!”

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At Challenge Island we teach kids to see difficulty as an opportunity rather than an obstacle and failure as a necessary step on the road to success. This helps them develop an essential growth mindset, which 30 years of research out of Stanford University shows to be a significant factor in children’s academic performance and long-term wellbeing. Thomas Edison once said “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” At Challenge Island we help build an essential growth mindset in kids.

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CIG - Growth Mindset

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