Meet The Team Behind Challenge Island

Michelle Paddenburg

What inspired you to become a Challenge Island Franchise Owner?

I also own a Bricks 4 Kidz franchise, and wanted to expand and be able to reach more kids, mostly girls. I am a former teacher, and was impressed with what Challenge Island had to offer.

Tell us about your professional background.

“Taught elementary school for 6 years before having children. Have worked on and off pregnancies as a server and key manager at a couple of restaurants part time in the evenings so I could stay home with my kids during the day when they were little. Have retail experience off and on for 12 years at an educational retail store in the Greenville area.
Purchased Bricks 4 Kidz in 2013 and Challenge Island in 2014.”

What have you enjoyed most about starting your Challenge Island business?

The excitement and energy that this program brings out in the students.The fact that all projects turn out so different every time. I’ve done roller coaster ridge for 2 years now in a middle school and I’ve never had one turn out even close to another one. I love the way collaboration gets the kids to think outside the box even more, like a domino effect.

Please share one of your favorite Challenge Island moments.

I have had several moments that are my favorite. The ones that are most special are when the kids get so into the challenge that time goes so fast and they want to keep working. Minotaur’s Labyrinth has been my most favorite challenge so far(middle school). The kids were so creative in their mazes and I brought in a lot of stickers and decorations. It was near Halloween, and one group had their maze in the shape of a pumpkin!

What is your favorite Challenge Island “destination” and why?

It’s hard to say what Island is my favorite- there are so many unique challenges from different islands that I love.  Monkey Playground is one of my all-time favorite challenges from World Tour because it is easily adaptable to all levels!  It creates such excitement within all kids, K4-middle school.

What is your favorite quote from a student, parent, or school about Challenge Island?

“Challenge Island gives students more than just a challenge, it brings excitement to the lesson being taught.
(summary of a teacher)”

What schools/venues do you currently participate at?

Mauldin Middle School, Hillcrest Middle School, Beck Academy, Blue Ridge Middle School (field trips)
Bells Crossing Elementary School   Five Oaks Academy  Kids R Kids Verdin

What programs & camps do you facilitate?

After School Enrichment   Camps at Southside Christian and Woodruff Road Christian Church

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