Inspire Collaborative Solutions & Teamwork
What Happens During a Challenge Island STEAMbuilding Experience?

A Challenge Island® STEAMbuilding© Workshop specialist will help you choose from dozens of themed options to find just the right experience for your corporate team (i.e. “Kick-Off Your Success” a World Cup Themed Foozball Challenge or “Roll Into Success”, an Amusement Park Themed Roller Coaster Challenge). We will come to your location and facilitate the event. Your group will divide into teams and begin their bonding and unification process. Each team will then take on their exciting STEAM challenge using creativity, collaboration, problem-solving and innovation throughout. They will then present their creations and measure their success. Finally, during our Closing Ceremony they will reflect on their journey, solidify their STEAM and 21st Century skills, and create a success plan for the future.

Corporate STEAMbuilding Interest

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STEAM is a cutting-edge approach to problem solving that combines scientific, mathematical and logical reasoning with creative, imaginative and innovative thinking. Applicable to every industry, Challenge Island’s® STEAMbuilding© process engages both the left and right sides of the brain and inspires collaborative solutions and teamwork at every turn.

Why 21st Century Skills?

Challenge Island’s® STEAMbuilding© Workshops help unveil and foster the 21st Century Skills your employees need most, including Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Leadership, and Problem Solving. In a recent large-scale study conducted by Google that examined the traits of the company’s most prolific employees, a strong 21st Century skill set was found to be the most powerful predictor of future success and leadership.

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