October is National Bullying Prevention Month! We’ve got you covered!

By September 30, 2019 Uncategorized
As you know, the month of October is National Bullying Prevention Month.
Challenge Island – North Tampa has a great program for National Bullying prevention Month for indoor field trip, and YES, we go to you!🤩🤩🤩
This program is one of the Fantastic Fiction Island called ‘Wonder Galaxy’, inspired by the book ‘Wonder’ written by R.J.Palacio.
One hour program children can learn and do:
👉 Listen to the read-aloud, We are All Wonders, a picture book accompaniment for Wonder.
👉 Discuss fundamental themes of Wonder including empathy, tolerance, acceptance, and choosing
👉 Recognize the positive attributes of tribemates.
👉 Explore the relationship between our Solar System and our Galaxy
👉 Collaborate and take part in teamwork to build a foam rocket.
As you may know Challenge Island Pinellas County won the ‘Best of Tampa Bay’ award in after school program category.
We are proud of serving this award winning STEAM program to this community and we believe this program is a great addition to the schools, religious organizations, scouts and homeschool groups!
Please feel free to reach out to us!