In-Class Adventures


Take your Houston area students on an action-packed island adventure without ever leaving school grounds! Preschool, elementary, and middle school children love our Challenge Island field trips so much that they never seem to notice the hearty STEM-based curriculum and national math, science, language arts and social studies standards that are so intricately woven into the Challenge Island experience. No buses? No problem! We bring the field trip directly to your classroom or we provide grade-level or school-wide field trips at your school!

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  • Simply pick a Challenge Island field trip destination that meets your school’s curricular needs, and we’ll take your students on a one-of-a-kind educational journey fueled by their problem-solving savvy, critical-thinking prowess, and boundless imagination.
  • Choose from over 80 different standard-aligned themes spanning the entire curriculum. Cross-curricular topics covered include earth science, life science, physical science, history, social studies, language arts, ancient cultures, geography, and more.
  • Critical STEAM/STEM and 21st Century Skills are tightly woven into each and every Challenge Island Field Trip experience.
  • Students work in collaborative tribes to take on our signature cross-curricular STEM/STEAM challenges using only the materials in their treasure chest and their creativity. They design, build, and test solutions to the challenge working together at each step of the process and solving problems along the way.
  • Every Challenge Island Field Trip is a wildly exciting, engaging, interactive, hands-on learning adventure that your students will never forget!
  • Field trips are typically 60-90 minutes long and each challenge can cover a variety of different science and math standards as well as cross-curricular topics and 21st century learning skills.
  • Challenge Island field trips are appropriate for every grade level. We can accommodate entire grade levels as well as entire schools. Call us to pick your perfect challenge!
Virtual field trips


NOW OFFERING VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS- which are facilitated for your campers at your facility or for campers at home.  Either way, they will experience the magic of Challenge Island® while connecting virtually with friends!  The World’s #1 STEM/STEAM program, is a high-energy, hands-on fusion of  STEAM, 21st Century Skills, Problem-Solving Adventure, Project-Based Learning and our trademark  STEAMbuilding® experience. Campers embark on fantastical themed STEAM journeys where they work in collaborative tribes to tackle various exciting challenges using only the materials in their treasure chest and their boundless imaginations.

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We hope you’ll join us on our next Challenge Island adventure!