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In-School Field Trips 2021

Oakland County East, Michigan

On-Site and Virtual STEM/STEAM Educational Adventures for Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School.

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This year, take your students on an action-packed island adventure without ever leaving school grounds! Preschool, elementary, and middle school children love our Challenge Island field trips so much that they never seem to notice the hearty STEM-based curriculum and national math, science, language arts and social studies standards that are so intricately woven into the Challenge Island experience.

We bring standards-aligned field trips directly to your classroom! Grade level and School Wide Field Trips can be planned and arranged to ensure optimal quality and experience. Virtual Field Trips can be arranged where material and live instructions are provided.

Oakland County East In School Field Trips

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“It’s hard to imagine a more exciting, complete field trip than Challenge Island. Every single lesson I see children’s imaginations awakened and their confidence reinforced. Challenge island allows my students all the freedom they crave to collaborate and create. It’s about design, construction and making something work and the huge satisfaction that comes from being completely involved in the creation of something original. The kids absolutely love it!”
-Lorna B. Challenge Island Field Trip Teacher ( 30 years classroom experience)

How It Works

  • Simply pick a Challenge Island field trip destination that meets your school’s curricular needs, and we’ll take your students on a one-of-a-kind educational journey fueled by their problem-solving, savvy, critical-thinking prowess, and boundless imagination.
  • Choose from over 80 different standard-aligned themes spanning the entire curriculum. Cross-curricular topics covered include earth science, life science, physical science, history, social studies, language arts, ancient cultures, geography, and more.
  • Critical STEAM/STEM and 21st Century Skills are tightly woven into each and every Challenge Island Field Trip experience.
  • Students work in collaborative tribes to take on our signature cross-curricular STEM/STEAM challenges using only the materials in their treasure chest and their creativity. They design, build, and test solutions to the challenge working together at each step of the process and solving problems along the way.
  • Field trips are typically 60-90 minutes long and each challenge can cover a variety of different science and math standards as well as cross-curricular topics and 21st century learning skills.
  • Challenge Island field trips are appropriate for every grade level. We can accommodate entire grade levels as well as entire schools. Call us to pick your perfect challenge!
STEM in school field trips

Here’s some answers to commonly-asked questions about our in-school field trip programs:

What grades are in-school field trips appropriate for?

Challenge Island programs can be adapted for classrooms for PreK through 8th grade.

How many students can participate in a single program?

We can handle most any size group, from a few students to over 50 at a time.  We will work with you to identify whether any “adult support” from your school is needed, in addition to the teacher, for larger groups.

Can we mix multiple grade levels into one program?

Yes!  We have done this on multiple occasions, to host several grades at once for smaller schools.  In this type of session, we group similar-aged children to work together in “tribes” of 4-8 students, and we adjust the challenges and the discussion to be appropriate for everyone present.

Can you do in-school field trips virtually?

Yes, we can host virtual field trips, either where students are participating from their homes, or where we would be projected into a classroom, in cases where guests are not being allowed in the school for some reason.

What materials do we need to provide?

We will work with you on this.  For an in-person program, we typically bring all the materials needed for the session.  For a virtual program, we can work with you to either provide materials or we can provide a list of materials that you or the student would gather.

Who from our school can organize the program?

We typically work with PTA/PTOs, or with teachers or school staff directly.  We can accept payment from school budgets, parents, PTAs or other sources.  Our programs also satisfy many requirements for Title 1 funding.

Can we select different topics for different grade levels?

Yes, we can work with you or with teachers at each grade level to identify programming that complements what they are already teaching in the classrooms.

We are a group of teachers who would like to learn more about Challenge Island.  Can you provide an in-school field trip for us to experience?

Yes, we have several programs which make fun teambuilding experiences for adults, and also provide a great introduction to what Challenge Island is like for students.  Please contact us to discuss those types of opportunities.

Field Trips

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On Site School Field Trips Oakland County Michigan

Challenge Island In School Field Trips are an adventure!