Meet The Team Behind Challenge Island

Aaska Patel

What inspired you to become a Challenge Island Franchise Owner?

“My dad was a teacher and my dream to always follow his footsteps. I personally love kids and love to teach. I was always writing on his chalk board and teaching my cousins math on board. Always acting as a teacher. So after few years in USA I thought about looking for a very fun and learning franchise. It took me 9 months to find Challenge Island Franchise and at the first sight I was in love with Challenge Island.”

Tell us about your professional background.

I graduated from University of Phoenix with AA in Criminal Justice.

What have you enjoyed most about starting your Challenge Island business?

I love being around kids just to see everyday their ideas, their creative minds. I just love being with kids everyday.

Please share one of your favorite Challenge Island moments.

“When my kids are always excited to see me and asking me what is going to be our challenge today MS. A

I love how they are always looking forward for Challenge Island Class.

The best best moment when one of my students said Ms. A Challenge Island made my day.”

What is your favorite Challenge Island “destination” and why?

This a very hard question because I just love to solve Challenges. My most favorite one will be Harry Potter Challenges.

What is your favorite quote from a student, parent, or school about Challenge Island?

Parent: Challenge Island is a wonderful fun packed program for kids!!! The owner Aaska, is a very warm and friendly teacher and loves her job. She hosted a Challenge island themed birthday party at my son’s school for his classmates and the kids absolutely loved it. It was something different they learnt building rollercoasters. Kids have fun while learning important math and science concepts and can also use these ideas to make a fun science project for school. I would definitely recommend parents to enroll their kids with CI classes to learn and grow in a fun environment where math and science are not boring subjects at all.

Please list the schools/venues where you currently participate.

“I currently offer afterschool enrichment in San Ramon City to different elementary schools. To Register please look online for San Ramon City Guide.

Camps are offered every summer in different cities.”

Please list the programs and camps you facilitate.

Summer Camps
Field Trips

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