What do you want to be when you grow up?

Challenge Island is Committed to Inspiring Children to Pursue Careers in STEM/STEAM Fields.  During our FREE, LIVE Hanging with the STEAM Stars Events, K-6 Kids Get to Hang Out with Young Professionals who are Living the STEAM Dream! 

Our STEAM Stars share stories about their journeys from elementary school to STEM/STEAM Stardom while giving an inside look into what they do every day!

Past Events

Imagine Your Future Career as a Veterinarian!

Do you dream of a career working with animals? Meet an inspiring Veterinarian! Learn what she does every day and how she turned her dream job into a reality!

Meet veterinarian and Canine Rehabiliation Therapist, Cheryl Coplon and imagine Your Future Career working with animals!

Imagine Your Future Career as a Mobile App Designer!

Learn what a Mobile App Designer does every day and how they turned their dream jobs into reality!  Meet Brandon Bearden, Moble App Designer for Home Depot!

Imagine Your Future Career as an Automotive Engineer!

Vrooom! Vrrooom! Imagine your future as an AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEER during Challenge Island’s 12/10 Hanging with the STEAM Stars! Do you ever wonder what it would be like to build cool cars for a living? Or how computers can be used to keep cars safe? You won’t want to miss meeting Lucas Peterson, an automotive engineer for General Motors in Detroit! Learn how Luke turned his Dream STEAM career into reality during this amazing Hanging with the STEAM Stars Event!

Imagine Your Future Career as a Microsoft Software Engineer!

Do you dream of a career in website or video game design? Do you think coding is colossally cool? Meet Kelcy Newton, an inspiring Microsoft SOFTWARE ENGINEER who is brimming with Girl Power! Learn what she gets to do every day and how she turned her STEAM dream Job into reality.

Imagine Your Future Career as a Pediatrician!

STEM career - doctorWatch Our Live November 9, 2020 Conversation with STEAM Star and former Challenge Island kid, Dr. Brandon Estroff MD!  Listen to Brandon talk about his exciting journey from a football obsessed fourth grader to a doctor in one of the nation’s most prestigious children’s hospitals!  Hear about his favorite subject in school, the teacher that inspired him to pursue a career in science and the moment he knew he wanted to become a pediatrician.  Brandon’s warm, engaging personality inspires children of all ages to pursue their dreams of a future in medicine.

Imagine Your Future Career as a Child Psychologist & Researcher!

psychology STEM careerWatch our live November 19, 2020 Conversation with Emory University Developmental Psychologist and Researcher, Dr. Sara Valencia Botto PhD!  Learn about some of the coolest parts of her job and how she turned her dream STEAM career into reality! If you would like see first hand what researchers do, you can sign up to take part in a study with Dr. Botto at the Emory Child Study Center by signing up here https://challenge-island.com/child-study-center/

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