With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect on life’s many gifts. During holiday downtime, have fun being thankful with our Gratitude Gears game!

This year, more than ever, it’s essential to help kids appreciate and embrace what matters most.  In doing so we allow them to focus on all that they have rather than all they have lost. Our Challenge Island Gratitude Gears Game is designed to foster gratitude and thankfulness in kids for life’s intangible yet most sustaining gifts.

What You Need:  Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange Markers; 20 Wooden Craft Sticks; A Printout of the Gratitude Gears PDF

What You Do:  Decorate one side of the wooden craft sticks with one of the five colors – red, orange, green, blue or purple.  Place the sticks face down on a table. Take turns picking up a stick and completing the sentence “I am thankful for______” depending on the prompt associated with the color on the stick.  Add more colors and more prompts if you would like.  Enjoy the moment!



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