Winter STEM Activity: Holiday Star

By December 11, 2017 In the News

‘Tis the season for STEM! Or better yet, warm up this winter with STEAM (we like to add a little Art to our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This holiday star activity is so easy to do at home with just toothpicks, water and a straw.

Our favorite STEM activities use household objects to create magical results. With winter break around the corner, kids will be home from school and looking for entertainment. Why not keep their minds active with a little science and art project?

1. Gather 5 toothpicks. Break them each in half without completely separating the two pieces (it’ll crack, but the wood will still be connected).

2. Place the toothpicks together in the center of a plate to form a five-pointed star shape (with the bent middles facing inward). The edges of the toothpicks should touch each other.

3. Fill a straw part-way with water. You can also use an eyedropper.

4. Use the straw or eyedropper to add drops of water into the center of your star. Make sure the broken/bent pieces soak up with water.

5. Watch your holiday star magically grow!


STEAM BONUS: Add some art to your science experiment. Decorate your paper plate with a Christmas tree and place your STEM star on the top! Or fill your plate full of snowflakes and twinkling stars to create a wintery night sky.


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Author Sharon Estroff

Our Tribal Leader and CEO, Sharon Duke Estroff M.A.T., is among our greatest assets. Her vision of what learning is meant to be and her gifted ability to plan the perfect lesson that is simultaneously incredibly exciting and chockful of educational benefits is on every single piece of programming in our vast resource library (which includes hundreds of hours of material that can be used across our profit centers and is constantly growing in size). An award-winning educator with over two decades of teaching experience in Atlanta public and private schools, Sharon started Challenge Island in her second grade classroom and began running it as an enrichment business using the current model in 2003. Despite the fast growth of her company, she continues to personally create and tests every challenge with real live teachers and kids before releasing it to the franchisees.

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