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Our Mission Statement

Challenge Island is Committed to Providing Schools, Districts, and States with High Quality In-School, Afterschool, Summer, and Family Engagement Programming that Will Excite, Enrich, and Empower Students While Gearing Them with the 21st Century and Social Emotional Skills They Need to Thrive Today and Tomorrow.

Over the Past 20 Years, Challenge Island Has Touched the Lives of Over 5 Million Children in Over 10,000 Schools and Organizations.

Why Investing in Challenge Island Programming is an Investment in Your Students’ Academic, Social and Emotional Recovery, Success and Wellbeing

Palm Tree Pillars

The Foundational Pillars of our Program that Make Challenge Island the Go-To Choice for Millions of Parents and Educators

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"To develop a complete mind, study the science of art; study the art of science; realize that everything connects to everything else." - Leonardo DaVinci

21st Century Skills

We foster the fundamental skills kids need to thrive today and tomorrow including creativity, collaboration, communication, flexibility and leadership.

Higher Level Thinking Skills

Our programs promote deep, critical, analytical and creative thinking abilities in kids which help ensure their long-term academic and professional success.

Project Based Learning

Our STEAM Teams® engage in collaborative, inquiry-based, student-driven learning grounded in real world connections and meaningful problem-solving.

Island Destinations

Whimsical island ambience combined with cross-curricular themes make the Challenge Island experience an unforgettable adventure.

Social-Emotional Learning

We foster the social and emotional intelligence children need to form healthy relationships, make positive choices and find fulfillment in life.


Research shows that a Challenge-Island-palm-tree-like ability to be flexible and strong through life’s ”storms” is far more essential to future success than IQ.

Steam Teams

No child is an island which is why kids tackle our hundreds of proprietary challenges by combining their strengths with those of a STEAM Team of friends.

Screen Free Fun

Our programs provide digital native kids the precious opportunity to connect with their peers face-to-face and discover the wonders of the world, undeterred by devices.

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