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Our Range of Field Trip Options is Vast and Comprehensive. Our Field Trip Specialist Will Help Design a Perfect Challenge Island Experience for Your School’s Unique Curricular Goals and Personality.

Monster Truck Arena

Rev up your students’ engineering engines for an unforgettable ride through forces and motion, speed and energy, and marvelous monster truck design!

Ring of Fire Restaurant

Shake, rattle and sushi roll into STEAM learning in this one of a kind earthquake adventure set along the Pacific Ring of Fire. STEAM teams are challenged to open their own Japanese restaurants and design furniture that can withstand a major shake up!

Monster Truck Arena

Rev up your students’ engineering engines for an unforgettable ride through forces and motion, speed and energy, and marvelous monster truck design!

Courageous Cave Rescue

This action-packed challenge is based on the real life cave rescue of a Thai boys soccer team that became trapped inside a cave by a monsoon. STEAM Teams recreate the famous rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team, learning about extreme weather, caves and rocks, buoyancy and viscosity, world cultures and geography, and of course design and engineering during this unbelievable and inspiring STEAM adventure.

Emperor Penguin Pop

During this colossally cool field trip, students take an imaginary trip to Antarctic where they learn about the marvelous Emperor Penguin and the incredible adaptations that allow the adorable species to survive living in extreme cold and surrounded by hungry predators. Students then engineer a popping penguin game that incorporates all that they’ve learned during this icy STEAM adventure.

Mount Vesuvius Eruption

Students travel back to the year 79 AD in Pompeii, Italy where the famous volcanic eruption is about to take place. They will be challenged to design volcano safe houses and out them to the test with a chemical reaction. This field trip is definitely a blast!

Bigfoot Treetop Trek

STEAM Teams delve into the intriguing North American myth of Bigfoot and use engineering and measuring skills to get their STEAM Team safely through the forest. They use evidence-based judgement and critical thinking skills to assess whether Bigfoot is real or not real as they roll full speed ahead into the unknown!

Simple Machine Treehouse

During this groovy simple machines-focused field trip, students time travel back to the 1970’s – a simpler time filled with pet rocks and treehouses. These concepts swirl together into an unforgettable adventure where students design pet rock treehouses powered by all six types of simple machines.

Jukebox Spin

Get ready to rock around the clock with us on the 50th Day or ANY DAY! This fifties-themed STEAM adventure revolves around forces and motion, potential and kinetic energy, and a good old fashioned sock hop!

Challenge Island Book Series Field Trips

During our signature book series adventures, STEAM Teams work together to build a bridge over shark-infested waters or race across the Amazon Rainforest, just like the characters do in our bestselling Challenge Island books!

STEAMwarts Academy

During this spellbinding adventure at STEAMwarts Academy, our STEAM Teams explore states of matter, chemical and physical change and other marvelous sciency magic!

Wonderful Galaxy

This one-of-a-kind field trip integrates themes of kindness, empathy and compassion with space science and rocket-building. Our proprietary STEAMbuilding experience is at the heart of this very special Challenge Island adventure.

We Offer Year Round Onsite Field Trip Adventures

Challenge Island Offers 100’s of Standard-Aligned Field Trip Options Including These STEAMtastic Monthly Adventures!

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STEAM + Reading = STREAM!

Combine the Magic of Challenge Island Programs with the Magic of Reading with our Bestselling Book Series!

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Our Book Series Add-On Packages are a STREAMy Addition to Any Challenge Island Field Trip!

Add on to our signature Bridge to Sharktooth Island adventure or to any of our 100’s of Field Trip Themes.
Treasure Chest Package

This gem of a schoolwide STEAM adventure is our most exquisite option: A 1.5-hour field trip, individual books for every child, book companion guides for every teacher and a schoolwide virtual author visit!

Palm Tree Package

This breezy schoolwide or grade level STEAM adventure includes a 1.5-hour field trip, a book and book companion guide for each participating classroom + a book purchase option for individual students!

Pineapple Package

This sweet STEAM adventure includes a 1.5-hour field trip, a book for the school library, teacher companion guides for participating classrooms + a book purchase option for individual students.

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