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With over 150 franchises in the US and internationally and a critically-acclaimed children’s STEAM book series, Challenge Island has enriched the lives of 5 million children in 10,000 schools and community organizations.

Boasting dozens of Entrepreneur Magazine rankings and Parents Picks Awards, Challenge Island is an established, proven system, created and led by an award-winning educator, and author. Challenge Island is a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity with a nurturing family-like franchise culture and unparalleled franchisee support.

The Difference

Challenge Island is a caring, creative, cohesive community of franchise owners who are changing the world one child at a time while building successful home-based businesses. Passionate, purpose-driven and unafraid of pushing boundaries and breaking barriers, the Challenge Island franchise opportunity is as groundbreaking as it is outside the box.

Whether you are an educator looking for your next step, a corporate parent trying to find balance, or a seasoned professional seeking a new career path that will fulfill you personally as well as financially, Challenge Island is worth a visit. And if the fit is right, it will be our pleasure to welcome you home.

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Franchise Owner Spotlights

Our 100+ Challenge Island owners come from a wide range of professional backgrounds including education, marketing, healthcare and corporate careers, but they all share a similar passion, purpose and staunch belief of the values and mission of Challenge Island.

What makes a perfect franchise owner?

Visionary and passionate with an aim to make a difference as well as an income.

Entrepreneurial and fun-loving with a passion for education and working with children.

Collaborative team player who will enjoy becoming a part of our close and fabulous franchise family.


Challenge Island Phoenix, Northeast Valley


Challenge Island Miami-Broward

"One thing that makes Challenge Island stand out from the competition is what it lacks. You’ll find no screens or digital devices in a Challenge Island program. Instead, kids working together in STEAM Teams, are encouraged to use imagination, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to come up with creative solutions to challenges using a treasure-chest full of low-tech supplies."


Why We Chose Challenge Island!

Challenge Island Franchisees share what makes the world's #1 STEAM Franchise the perfect fit for them.

Our Founder

Sharon Estroff

Our Challenge Island founder and CEO is an award-winning educator, critically-acclaimed author and mom of four former Challenge Island kids.

Palm Tree Pillars

The Foundational Pillars of our Program that Make Challenge Island the Go-To Choice for Millions of Parents and Educators

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"To develop a complete mind, study the science of art; study the art of science; realize that everything connects to everything else." - Leonardo DaVinci

21st Century Skills

We foster the fundamental skills kids need to thrive today and tomorrow including creativity, collaboration, communication, flexibility and leadership.

Higher Level Thinking Skills

Our programs promote deep, critical, analytical and creative thinking abilities in kids which helps ensure their long-term academic and professional success.

Project Based Learning

Our STEAM Teams engage in collaborative, inquiry-based, student-driven learning grounded in real world connections and meaningful problem-solving.

Island Destinations

Whimsical island ambience combined with cross-curricular themes make the Challenge Island experience an unforgettable adventure.

Social-Emotional Learning

We foster the social and emotional intelligence children need to form healthy relationships, make positive choices and find fulfillment in life.


Research shows that a Challenge-Island-palm-tree-like ability be flexible and strong through life’s ”storms” is far more essential to future success than IQ.

Steam Teams

No child is an island which is why kids tackle our hundreds of proprietary challenges by combining their strengths with those of a STEAM Team of friends.

Screen Free Fun

Our programs provide digital native kids the precious opportunity to connect with their peers face-to-face and discover the wonders of the world, undeterred by devices.

Award-Winning STEAM Programs

STEAM + Reading = STREAM!

Combine the Magic of Challenge Island Programs with the Magic of Reading with our Bestselling Book Series!

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The Path to Ownership


  • Fill out our online franchise contact form.
  • Set up a phone or zoom call with Our Chief of Development, Robin.
  • If Challenge Island feels like a fit for you and vice versa, sign an NDA schedule a Virtual Discovery Luau.

Island Discovery

  • Attend our Virtual Discovery Luau. Get a taste of our island spirit. Take a deep dive into our programs, profit centers and franchise model. Meet our founder,  Sharon Duke Estroff.
  • Complete a Request for Consideration form.

Disclosure, Validation & Research

  • Receive and review our current Franchise Disclosure Document.
  • Meet some of our awesome franchise owners.
  • Conduct research in your local market to build your territory.

Welcome to the Ohana!

  • Select training dates.
  • Receive review copy of your Franchise Agreement.
  • Arrive in Atlanta and meet the Challenge Island Corporate STEAM Team.
  • Complete training and business set up requirements.
  •  Begin Your Wonderful Journey into Challenge Island Ownership!

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