Praised as a "Great ­STEAM-infused addition to the fiction section of any elementary or middle school library” by the SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL and included on the CHILDREN'S BOOK COUNCILs November Hot List of "Anticipated Bestsellers"!

The Challenge Island STEAM Adventure Books


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One minute Daniel and his cousin Joy are playing in the snow—and the next they are stranded on a mysterious island surrounded by sharks! Where are they now and how did they get here? And how will they get back home? With new friend Kimani, the kids find clues to these and other mysteries. To escape the island, they have to work together and build a bridge to safety! This thrilling adventure is packed with fun STEAM activities kids can do at home including building a bridge, making a slime ocean, and creating cool paper sharks.

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Once again Daniel, Joy, and Kimani are transported to a mysterious island! This time, they're high in the canopy of a rainforest, surrounded by amazing plants and animals. But they can't stay long. They need to escape the rainforest before sunset by mastering the force of friction and 'flying' along ziplines between the trees. They speed onward, eager to meet the mysterious person who summoned them to the island … then stop when they discover a baby monkey in danger. Can they save the monkey and leave the forest in time? STEAM activities kids can do at home include building pulley and ziplines.

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Finding themselves transported to a magical island once again, Daniel, Joy, and Kimani emerge from a mysterious cave to see blue waters—they’re by the beach! And in the near distance, across large sand dunes and up a hill, stands a familiar tall tower. There, the pirate Captain Wei awaits with all the answers to their questions… if they ever reach the tower in time. Using items stashed around the cave, the friends must build themselves a blowcart and use wind power to sail across the bumpy beach. But how do they make a cart fast and sturdy enough to carry the three of them? See what surprises are in store for the three friends in this new Challenge Island adventure!

About the Authors & Illustrator

Sharon Duke Estroff


Sharon is the Founder and CEO of Challenge Island. She is an award-winning educator and author and an internationally syndicated parenting/education journalist whose work is featured in scores of regional, national and international publications. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, 4 children, and 3 mini goldendoodles.

Joel Ross


Joel is the author of twelve middle-grade novels including The Fog Diver and the Alley & Rex series. He's won Cybils and YouPer awards, and appeared on the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List. Joel, his wife, son, dog and cat live in Santa Barbara, CA.

Mónica de Rivas


Monica is a children’s book illustrator who has published her work internationally. Ever since she was a young girl, she loved drawing, reading, and writing stories. She studied illustration at the School of Art and Design San Telmo, Malaga and currently lives in Spain.


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Meet The Characters

Hi, I’m Joy!

I'm an ordinary kid. I like climbing trees and skydiving. At least, I would like skydiving if my parents ever let me try!

Hi, I’m Daniel!

I'm an ordinary kid. I like playing sports and video games, and just hanging out with friends, doing nothing.

Hi, I’m Kimani!

I'm an ordinary kid. I like reading and drawing and reading and libraries. Also, books.

Hi, I’m Davinci!

Avast, matey! I’m Davinci Pretty parrot! Davinci! Walk the plank. Way! Swab the deck, landlubber! Hard to port!

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