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Build a 4th of July Rocket!

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Whether you need a 4th of July activity with your kids or just want ideas for summer fun, building a rocket is a Challenge Island approved activity that you can do yourself. You will need: An empty water bottle Thin straw Wide straw Clay Make the launcher: Hold the thin straw about an inch down into the mouth of the bottle. Wrap a ball of clay about the size of a quarter around the bottle opening, sealing it tightly. Squeeze the bottle to make sure no air escapes. Make the rocket: Seal up one end of a wide straw with a small ball of clay. Place the open end of the straw over the thinner straw on the launcher. Blast off! Wrap both hands around the bottle and squeeze sharply in the middle. Your rocket should fly through the air! Challenge Island Summer Camps This DIY rocket and tons of other kid friendly activities are a part of Challenge Island’s STEAMtastic summer camps and afterschool enrichment programs. It’s not too late to sign up! Some Challenge Island locations are still offering sign-ups for camp, and back-to-school is around the corner.

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