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Our STEAMbuilding® programs inspire collaboration, critical thinking and creativity in all kinds of teams – from kid to corporate!
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STEAMbuilding® and Special Event Spotlight

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Corporate STEAMbuilding®

Challenge Island is most definitely not just for kids! Our popular corporate STEAMbuilding events will put the STEAM in your team!

School and Sports Team STEAMbuilding®

STEAM into school and team spirit and sportsmanship with our hands-on, high-energy, collaborative STEAMbuilding extravaganzas!

Corporate Family Events and Camps

From corporate picnics to Bring Your Child to Work Day to onsite camps for the kids of your employees, leave the kid/family-friendly activities to us!

Kids Night Out

Our Kids Nights Out (a.k.a. Parents Nights Out) are fantastically-themed evenings filled with fun, friends and fabulous STEAM challenges.

More Information About STEAMbuilding®

During a Challenge Island STEAMbuilding® workshop, your teams will join forces to tackle exciting STEAM challenges using creativity, collaboration and innovation.  They will foster and solidify the 21st century skills throughout and forge the kinds of emotional connections they need to strategize, problem-solve and succeed today and tomorrow.

STEAM + Reading = STREAM!

Combine the Magic of Challenge Island Programs with the Magic of Reading with our Bestselling Book Series!

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