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Challenge Island is the wildly popular enrichment program that exposes kids to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & math) education in a fun-filled, hands-on, memorable way. 21st century learning skills are emphasized and stressed in all Challenge Island activities. Students are given the freedom to drive their own learning outcomes. Students divide into tribes and work collaboratively to ensure the success of the group. Students learn that all tribe members have different strengths and that each member brings value to the group. This experience provides positive social interactions for all and teaches students how to work together to accomplish a common goal.

Students are faced with a captivating challenge. They follow the steps of the Scientific Method to think critically about possible solutions, and then carry out their plans to design and create something special that fulfills the challenge requirements. All outcomes are celebrated. There is no right or wrong way. Students know that there are no failed outcomes. Mistakes are looked upon as necessary in order to improve and get better with increased effort. Design flaws are studied, analyzed and fixed. Risk taking is encouraged in order to create a unique, never seen before design.

Teacher Tested and Approved


Every Challenge Island unit takes place on a unique thematic island such as Shark Tooth Island, Volcano Island, Time Machine, Rainforest Island, Mythology Island, Hollywood Island and more. This program gets children thinking at the highest level of the Bloom’s Taxonomy pyramid. This enchanting program offers a curriculum in which elementary students are thinking at amazingly high-levels and learning to apply these skills. While working collaboratively with their tribe, students learn skills that will ensure their success as a contributing player in tomorrow’s global marketplace.

Lessons are teacher tested and approved. The hands-on, multi-sensory challenges reinforce concepts for all types of learners (auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic) and provides a child with multiple “hooks” to utilize when taking high-stakes tests. This program provides students with enriched, fun-filled experiences that will stay with them throughout their lives developing lifelong learners and problem solvers. These experiences are special and the type that teachers have difficulty offering their students due to the constraints of the school day. Challenge Island is truly a fantastic, one-of- a-kind, enrichment activity for today’s extraordinary child. 


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