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Hi, I’m Keri Daniele!

I am the wife of a successful loving husband and the Mom of two amazing teenagers. I knew at a young age that teaching children was what I was meant to do. I taught school for years and as my children were born, my husband and were blessed to be able to choose to have me be a stay-at-home Mom for our children. As our children have gotten older, I was looking for a way to put my teaching skills back into play. I wanted to be able to influence children, help them to be the best version of themselves, and do what I meant to do. After looking at teaching jobs, the opportunity to own a Challenge Island franchise landed in front of me. I brushed it off quickly, as “what did I know about owning a business?” It kept landing in front of me. Turns out God had a plan, even if it was not what I thought the plan was supposed to be, isn't that just how God works? I took a complete leap of faith and have not looked back. I love the opportunity to encourage our children to develop critical thinking skills and life skills that they need so desperately. Challenge Island allows us to present these very needed skills in such a fun way, the children learn, enjoy, and crave more of the same. I am so very grateful to be part of the Challenge Island Family.

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