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Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Stephanie Kramer Murphy is the Director/Owner of Challenge Island - Cincinnati. After more than a decade of building a career in Sales and Marketing, Stephanie knew a change-in-focus was required to better accommodate the needs of her growing family. While searching for enrichment for her own children, Stephanie came across the Challenge Island’s Global program and recognized its uniqueness and strength as a program emphasizing both STEM/STEAM enrichment and “softer” 21st-century skills (collaboration, communication, and peer-based problem solving). At the time, Challenge Island programming wasn’t available locally. Stephanie saw an opportunity to bring the business to Cincinnati and VOLIA! - Challenge Island Cincinnati was born.

During a time when our children are inundated with screen-based learning, Challenge Island provides an unparalleled opportunity for them to disconnect from traditional technology and to experience interpersonal connectivity and collaborative problem-solving at a basal level all while gaining exposure to STEM concepts. Challenge Island is fun. It’s engaging. It reinforces the “art and expectation” of both kindness and respect which when welded in conjunction with competency, truly set apart the most talented among us.

Challenge Island is special because it teaches our children how to think both strategically and creatively while encouraging the type of top-notch citizenship that, as parents and educators, we’ve come to deeply admire in our own peers and colleagues.

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