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15,000 schools and organizations have partnered with Challenge Island to bring our award-winning afterschool enrichment programs to their students!
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These are JUST A FEW of Our STEAMtastic Destinations. Contact Us for a Full List of Islands and Descriptions!
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COMING FALL 2025 Awesome Sauce Island

The name of this island says it all. Fall 2025 at Challenge Island is going to be absolutely AWESOME SAUCE!

Believe It or Not Island®

This mind-blowing island is filled with unbelievably exciting engineering challenges inspired by zany, wacky, wild, 100% true facts. Ring of Fire Restaurant©, Emperor Penguin Pop©, Eclipse Extravaganza© and Spectacular Skateboard Park© are just a few of jaw-dropping destinations kids will visit on Believe It or Not Island!

Monsters and Myths Island®

This monstrously marvelous island is filled with mythological beasts, legendary creatures and things that go bump in the night. Dracula’s Blood Drive©, Hydra Head Launch©, Big Foot Treetop Track© and Monster Truck Arena© are just a few of the goosebump-worthy destinations on Monsters and Myths Island.

Dazzling Decades Island®

This hopping historical island rocks around the clock from the Fabulous 50’s to the Outasight 60’s to the Groovy 70’s to the Totally Tubular 80’s to the Wizarding 90’s. Jukebox Spin©, Simple Machine Treehouse©, Pop Art Towers© and STEAMwarts Academy© are just a few of the iconic destinations on Dazzling Decades Island.

Arcade Mania Island

Race Across the Rainforest Island

Sharktooth Island

Disaster Island®

Super Star Island

Calling all trailblazers, groundbreakers, and universe shakers to this stellar island inspiring by some of the world’s most inspiring role models. Venus and Serena Court©, Malala’s Schoolhouse©, Star Mountain©, and  Roberto Clemente Ball Field© are just a few of of the legendary locations on Super Star Island.

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Challenge Island is made up of an archipelago of proprietary islands with each island being built on a wholly unique, cross-curricular theme. Every island is home to a wide array of Challenge Island destinations, each featuring a set of exclusive engineering challenges based around the island’s central theme. Every week, our afterschool STEAM Teams dive into one of our 100’s of proprietary challenges using only a treasure chest full of low-tech supplies and their infinite imaginations.

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