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Hi, We're Don & Kelly Wix

Hello I am Kelly Wix, a veteran educator of 30 years who spent the last 20 years as a principal, certified in the state of Florida, for various start-up programs, with a focus on alternative education. My passion for project-based learning in education has led to my strong beliefs that STEM/STEAM can best prepare our children for the 21st Century world. My husband, Don, is a retired helicopter pilot, having proudly served in the US Army for twenty-three years. Having been assigned to numerous positions in special operation units as well as government management and acquisition. Don retired from the Army in 2010 and went on to work with such companies as Lockheed Martin and Vertex Aerospace. Currently, he continues to consult in the defense industry through his company, Innovative Defense Solutions, LLC.

Over the years, my husband has witnessed, and participated in my passion for education, whether it's building shelves for the classrooms, feeding school animals, or speaking engagements with students on his career in the Army, he too can appreciate the need for alternative forms of education for the students of the 21st Century. So, in August 2021, when he found the Challenge Island franchise, he knew it would be a perfect fit for me, and for us as a couple.

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