Learn About the Challenge Island Program and Mission that Made Us the World’s Most Popular STEM/STEAM Provider.


Welcome to Challenge Island Irvine!

Now, kids can experience the magic of Challenge Island®, the world’s #1 STEAM program, from the safety and comfort of home. All Home Island Virtual Camps, Field Trips, and Enrichment Classes are taught live by certified Challenge Island® teachers. Children interact with their peers throughout all of our programs. 


“Aanya really enjoyed the event and could not stop sharing it with her mom and grand parents…”  Janti, Irvine

“Samantha had a great time and will ask her teacher if she can bring her roller coaster to school.”  Jay W., Irvine

“My daughter truly enjoyed her experience with the Challenge-Island triple badge program! Although we needed to do it virtually due to the current pandemic, Becky was excellent in leading the girls via the computer platform, she was dynamic, gave excellent feedback and it was FUN! I would absolutely participate in person OR virtually in the future! We also got a mailed certificate of participation sent to our home which was highly appreciated and my daughter loved it. Thanks for a great program!”  Candi B., San Diego

“My daughter is currently participating in your virtual Daisies Engineering Badges (the one with model roller coasters and such) and the teacher is in Michigan. She LOVES it and wants to do more! This stuff is perfect for bored quarantine kiddos. The rest of my troop is interested in doing more of these as well.”  Alice H., San Diego

“Our family has participated in two week-long, online sessions this summer during COVID. Our experience has been fantastic. Our children were engaged and had fun with every activity, we’ve received consistent communication from the program director, and Challenge Island provided all of the materials that we needed for the activities, which made it so easy to get started. Highly recommend!” Kathleen, Los Angeles

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Learn About the Challenge Island Program and Mission that Made Us the World’s Most Popular STEM/STEAM Provider.

Our Challenge Island Owners Explain Why the
Challenge Island Experience is So Vital to Children

“There are a number of STEM and STEAM enrichment franchises, but one thing that makes Challenge Island stand out from the competition is what it lacks. You’ll find no screens or digital devices in a Challenge Island after-school class, camp or family night. Instead, kids, working in tribes, are encouraged to use imagination, teamwork and problem-solving skills to come up with creative solutions to challenges using only a treasure chest full of low-tech art supplies.” 

-Entrepreneur Magazine, March 2020

On-Site and Virtual Corporate STEAMbuilding®

Psst!  Did you know that Challenge Island® isn’t just for kids? We offer a wide range of adult corporate STEAMbuilding® workshops in both on-site and virtual formats.  Applicable to every industry, our STEAMbuilding process is a cutting-edge approach to problem solving and a one-of-a-kind gateway to more engaged, collaborative and productive employees and teams.

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