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Amusement Park STEAM Family Adventure

Parents and children join forces to design a family amusement park of their very own!

Groovy STEAM Family Adventure

Parents and kids time travel back to the 1970’s where they take on a STEAMtastic Pinball-Wizard-infused family challenge!

Antarctic STEAM Family Adventure

Families head to the South Pole where they take on a colosally cool Antarctic STEAM challenge together.

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Challenge Island is truly ageless; our proprietary STEAM challenges are just as exhilarating to parents as they are to their kids. When parents and children join forces during a Challenge Island Family Engagement event the result is a magical multi-generational combination of excitement, innovation, creativity, collaboration and family bonding.

STEAM + Reading = STREAM!

Combine the Magic of Challenge Island Programs with the Magic of Reading with our Bestselling Book Series!

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