Set Sail for Islands Full of Real Life and Virtual STEAM Adventure

from Entrepreneur Magazine's #1 STEM/STEAM Enrichment Program

Inquiry-Based Learning Promotes Curiosity and Higher-Level Thinking

Turning Children into Lifelong Learners


An Interdisciplinary Approach That Turns Kids Into Innovators, Leaders and Big Thinkers

Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills

Gear Children to Thrive Today and Tomorrow

Aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

Our After School Classes, In-School Field Trips and Camps are Built Around Cutting Edge Curriculum

Kids Work Collaboratively On Cross-Curricular STEAMbuilding® Adventures

From an Archipelago of Thematic Island "Destinations"

Technology Powered Exclusively By Children's Imaginations

Providing Digital Native Kids with a Much Needed Break from Screens and Electronics


Welcome to Challenge Island Oakland County East
The #1 STEM and STEAM Program!

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After School Enrichment Oakland County
In School Field Trips 2021 Oakland County Michigan
Oakland County summer camps and school break camps
Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan badge and journey programs


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After School Programs

After-school hours are an opportunity to further engage students in academic, social, and physical activities. Challenge Island of Oakland County East offers After School STEAM Enrichment where students are transported to a cross-curricular learning environment worlds away from the regular school experience.

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After school programs in oakland county east michigan

In School Field Trips

This year, take your students on an action-packed island adventure without ever leaving school grounds! Preschool, elementary, and middle school children love our Challenge Island field trips so much that they never seem to notice the hearty STEM-based curriculum and national math, science, language arts and social studies standards that are so intricately woven into the Challenge Island experience.

We bring the field trip directly to your classroom! Grade level and School Wide Field Trips can be planned and arranged to ensure optimal quality and experience. Virtual Field Trips can be arranged where material and live instructions are provided.

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Oakland County East In School Field Trips


Summer camps Oakland County East

Challenge Island®, The World’s #1 STEM/STEAM program, is a high-energy, hands-on fusion of STEAM, 21st Century Skills, Problem-Solving Adventure, Project-Based Learning and our trademark STEAMbuilding® experience. Campers embark on fantastical themed STEAM journeys where they work in collaborative tribes to tackle various exciting challenges using only the materials in their treasure chest and their boundless imaginations.

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Girl Scouts

Girl Scout workshops Oakland County Michigan

Challenge Island is a Corporate Partner with Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan Council. Our one of a kind virtual and in-person STEAM challenges and adventures fulfill a wide array of Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior/Ambassador Journey and Badge requirements. Girls also receive a unique Challenge Island Fun Patch each time they do a Journey or Badge workshop with Challenge Island!

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About Oakland County East STEM and STEAM Activities

A Fun Infused Learning Experience Like No Other!



21st century skillsSkills like communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking abilities, flexibility, sociability, initiative, leadership, and perseverance through difficulty. At Challenge Island, we are dedicated to ensuring a brighter future for our kids and our communities by helping you prepare your child to succeed in the 21st century and beyond. Learn More >>


What is STEAM educationAt Challenge Island Oakland County East, we believe that STEM is incomplete without the additional of an “A” for art. In fact many would say that STEAM is the new STEM. During our workshops, STEM and the arts naturally go hand in hand – from the background music to the art supply boxes in our tribal treasure chests to the amazing aesthetic touches our students add to their functional creations. Learn More >>


STEM made funIslands are the mainstay of Challenge Island with creative problem solving at each turn. Each session of Challenge Island takes place on a unique thematic island and consists of 8 or more action-packed afterschool classes – or destinations, as we like to call them. A class might “take place”, for example, at TIME MACHINE ISLAND’s Pinball Wizard Way, RAINFOREST ISLAND’S Anaconda Squeeze or MYTHOLOGY ISLAND’S Poseidon’s Seas. Learn More >>


Oakland County East Challenge Island STEM ProgramsThe tribe is at the heart of every Challenge Island experience. Far more than just a group of kids, our Challenge Island tribes function like families sharing ideas, hopes and mutual goals. They learn to negotiate, compromise and count on one another. They build bonds, friendships, tolerance and acceptance as they pool their combined strengths and resources to create a far richer product than any one of them could ever achieve individually. Learn More >>        

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Challenge Island – Oakland County East Program Overview

Learn about Challenge Island – Oakland County East’s programs in this interview with Pat Hillberg, Director of the Southeastern Michigan STEM Alliance (14 min)

STEAMtastic Friday

Check out our series of free, educational videos on a wide variety of STEAM topics! Each quick video is about 5 minutes long, and many include hands-on activities you can try at home. New videos are posted regularly on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram; please sign up below or like & follow us on your favorite platform to be notified when new content is available!

Create your own star using tension!

Learn where leaf colors come from!

Use math to predict your fall calendar’s future!

Build your own network!

Create your own leaf technology!

Learn about falling in the fall!!

Learn how to find pi!

Learn About the art of STEAM engines!

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Learn About the Challenge Island Program and Mission that Made Us the World’s Most Popular STEM/STEAM Franchise.

Our Franchisees Explain Why the
Challenge Island Experience is So Vital to Children

“There are a number of STEM and STEAM enrichment franchises, but one thing that makes Challenge Island stand out from the competition is what it lacks. You’ll find no screens or digital devices in a Challenge Island after-school class, camp or family night. Instead, kids, working in tribes, are encouraged to use imagination, teamwork and problem-solving skills to come up with creative solutions to challenges using only a treasure chest full of low-tech art supplies.” 

-Entrepreneur Magazine, March 2020

Corporate STEAMbuilding Events

Corporate STEAMbuilding

A Challenge Island® STEAMbuilding© Workhop specialist will help you choosefrom dozens of themed options to find just the right experience for your corporate team (i.e. “Kick-Off Your Success” a World Cup Themed Foozball Challenge or “Roll Into Success”, an Amusement Park Themed Roller Coaster Challenge) We will come to your location and facilitate the 1.5 hour event.