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"To develop a complete mind, study the science of art; study the art of science; realize that everything connects to everything else." - Leonardo DaVinci

21st Century Skills

We foster the fundamental skills kids need to thrive today and tomorrow including creativity, collaboration, communication, flexibility and leadership.

Higher Level Thinking Skills

Our programs promote deep, critical, analytical and creative thinking abilities in kids which help ensure their long-term academic and professional success.

Project Based Learning

Our STEAM Teams® engage in collaborative, inquiry-based, student-driven learning grounded in real world connections and meaningful problem-solving.

Island Destinations

Whimsical island ambience combined with cross-curricular themes make the Challenge Island experience an unforgettable adventure.

Social-Emotional Learning

We foster the social and emotional intelligence children need to form healthy relationships, make positive choices and find fulfillment in life.


Research shows that a Challenge-Island-palm-tree-like ability to be flexible and strong through life’s ”storms” is far more essential to future success than IQ.

Steam Teams

No child is an island which is why kids tackle our hundreds of proprietary challenges by combining their strengths with those of a STEAM Team of friends.

Screen Free Fun

Our programs provide digital native kids the precious opportunity to connect with their peers face-to-face and discover the wonders of the world, undeterred by devices.

"One thing that makes Challenge Island a standout is what it lacks. You’ll find no screens or digital devices in a Challenge Island after-school class, camp or family night. Instead, kids working together in STEAM Teams, are encouraged to use imagination, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to come up with creative solutions to challenges using a treasure-chest full of low-tech supplies."


Award-Winning STEAM Programs

Hi, I’m Tia Sukenik

I have worked with countless schools and organizations, bringing Challenge Island to children all over the Plano/Dallas area.

Tia began her journey with Challenge Island in February 2017. Before Tia has been working with children for 30+ years in the Dallas area. She began her teaching career in 1992 in Austin, TX but moved to Dallas in 1994 and began teaching in DISD. When she had her first child, she quit teaching to stay at home with her son, but continued to work with children in several different ways – including a Gymboree teacher, preschool teacher, Destination Imagination volunteer, and after school teacher in her children’s preschool. Once both kids were in school, she continued working as a preschool director and also began as the Director of Camp Gan Israel in Plano, TX.

Now that her kids are grown and she is about to be an empty nester, she began looking into what she could really sink her teeth into and dedicate herself, her love of children, and all of her experience-that was when she found Challenge Island!! She fell in love at first sight and began building her business in February 2017! In that time, she has worked with countless schools and organizations, bringing Challenge Island to children all over the Plano/Dallas area. In addition, she opened a storefront in North Dallas, giving even more kids the ability to experience all that Challenge Island has to offer. It has been a dream come true, working with kids, parents, her teaching staff, and all of the other franchisees to create a place where kids to come and learn, create, explore and grow as people all while building their STEAM knowledge!


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Challenge Island Named One of 50 Franchise Companies Doing the Most to Champion Diversity by Entrepreneur Magazine


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Challenge Island Ranks #188 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Global Franchises List


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