Set Sail for Islands Full of Real Life and Virtual STEAM Adventure

from Entrepreneur Magazine's #1 STEM/STEAM Enrichment Program

Inquiry-Based Learning Promotes Curiosity and Higher-Level Thinking

Turning Children into Lifelong Learners


An Interdisciplinary Approach That Turns Kids Into Innovators, Leaders and Big Thinkers

Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills

Gear Children to Thrive Today and Tomorrow

Aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

Our After School Classes, In-School Field Trips and Camps are Built Around Cutting Edge Curriculum

Kids Work Collaboratively On Cross-Curricular STEAMbuilding® Adventures

From an Archipelago of Thematic Island "Destinations"

Technology Powered Exclusively By Children's Imaginations

Providing Digital Native Kids with a Much Needed Break from Screens and Electronics


Welcome to Challenge Island of Houston – Katy

Where Engineering Meets The Imagination!


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STEAM Programs Like No Other

In School Field Trips

We bring the field trip directly to your classroom in preschools, elementary and middle schools in Katy ISD, Fort Bend ISD, CY-Fair ISD and even Texas city ISD! Critical STEAM/STEM and 21st Century Skills are tightly woven into each and every Challenge Island Field Trip experience. Grade level and School Wide Field Trips can be planned and arranged to ensure optimal quality and experience. Virtual Field Trips can be arranged where material and live instructions are provided.

in school and in class field trips

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After School Programs

Our one-of-a-kind Challenge Island® after school enrichment classes are on the cutting edge of S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) education and 21st Century Learning. Each week kids visit a different island destination where they work in collaborative tribes to tackle various STEM/STEAM challenges using only the materials in their treasure chests and their boundless imaginations. We offer dozens of different thematic islands filled with hundreds of exhilarating challenges for children to enjoy.

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Challenge Island®, The World’s #1 STEM/STEAM program, is a high-energy, hands-on fusion of STEAM, 21st Century Skills, Problem-Solving Adventure, Project-Based Learning and our trademark STEAMbuilding® experience. Campers embark on fantastical themed STEAM journeys where they work in collaborative tribes to tackle various exciting challenges using only the materials in their treasure chest and their boundless imaginations.

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Girl Scouts

Challenge Island is a Corporate Partner with Girl Scout Councils from Coast to Coast. Our one of a kind virtual and in-person STEAM challenges and adventures fulfill a wide array of Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Cadette Journey and Badge requirements. Girls also receive a unique Challenge Island Fun Patch each time they do a Journey or Badge workshop with Challenge Island!

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Virtual Programs With Live Instruction

Now, kids can experience the magic of Challenge Island®, the world’s #1 STEAM program, from the safety and comfort of home.
All virtual classes are taught live by certified Challenge Island® teachers.

The health, safety & well-being of Challenge Island customers, students, teachers and communities continue to be our foremost concern.


Introducing Challenge Island Treasure Kits!

Our Treasure Kits are great options for school auctions, student gift or a personal gift for a child.

Our Kits are packed with STEAM-tastic challenges which will keep the kids busy and engaged in brainstorming, designing and engineering the challenges. 

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About Challenge Island S.T.E.A.M Programs


Developing our one of a kind proprietary curriculum, we at Challenge Island consider the needs of both the child of today and the adult of the future. For today’s kids, we offer whimsical, engaging journeys into new worlds of adventure and imagination – a welcome reprieve from the increasingly digitalized and high pressure childhood experience. For tomorrow’s adults, we offer the foundation upon which to build the skills required to thrive in a competitive, 21st century global society, as outlined by the P21 Partnership for 21st Century Learning.
We encourage: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Flexibility, Sociability, Initiative, Leadership, Perseverance, Grit, & Public Speaking.

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At Challenge Island, we believe that learning is more much exciting and meaningful when many  disciplines are swirled together into one colossally cool cross – curricular island! A visit to Time Machine Island for example has kids traveling back to ancient Egypt where they learn about mummies and craft some of their own.  They write their names in hieroglyphics and learn about the geometric power of the mighty triangle before engineering Egyptian style pyramids to house their tribal treasures.  And that’s just one of hundreds of cross-curricular destinations children visit with Challenge Island!


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Islands are the mainstay of Challenge Island with creative problem solving at each turn. Each session of Challenge Island takes place on a unique thematic island and consists of 8 or more action-packed afterschool classes – or destinations, as we like to call them. A class might “take place”, for example, at TIME MACHINE ISLAND’s Pinball Wizard Way, RAINFOREST ISLAND’S Anaconda Squeeze or MYTHOLOGY ISLAND’S Poseidon’s Seas.Challenge Island Children's Education Franchise under 50K

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We are honored and excited to be running Challenge Island in the Katy Houston area since 2018!

“There are a number of STEM and STEAM enrichment franchises, but one thing that makes Challenge Island stand out from the competition is what it lacks. You’ll find no screens or digital devices in a Challenge Island after-school class, camp or family night. Instead, kids, working in tribes, are encouraged to use imagination, teamwork and problem-solving skills to come up with creative solutions to challenges using only a treasure chest full of low-tech art supplies.” 

-Entrepreneur Magazine, March 2020