After School Enrichment

After School Enrichment

“My daughter participated in Challenge Island’s Time Machine Island Course this past semester and I have to say that it has taken learning and fun to a new level. Over Tuesday night dinners, the Challenge Island activities are the topic of conversation from my 6 year-old. Her interest in the combination of science, math and history is especially encouraging to see as we know from the data that we have to do more to encourage girls’ interest in these subject matters. I am a very strong believer in the power and importance of Challenge Island.”
– Heidi G. – Challenge Island Parent

When kids enter the Challenge Island classroom, they are transported to a cross-curricular learning environment worlds away from the regular school experience. The ambience feels positively party-like as our adventurous tribes tackle high-level thinking challenges at whimsical weekly destinations like Jaguar’s Claw (Rainforest Island), Medusa’s Pet Rock Playground (Mythology Island), Wizardry Academy (Hollywood Island) and Kenyan African Safari (Challenge Island World Tour). Kids count down the seconds until Challenge Island day rolls around!

  • STEAM education, problem-based learning, and critical 21st Century Skills are at the heart of every Challenge Island Afterschool Class. But we don’t stop there. Our proprietary curriculum seamlessly intertwines ELA, STEM, History, Social Studies, Arts, Geography and much more into one thrilling Island adventure!
  • Each session of Challenge Island takes place on a unique thematic island and consists of 8 to 14 action-packed hour-long afterschool classes. Every island experience is one of a kind and kids come back session after session to experience the magic once again – it’s no surprise we have a 90% repeat customer rate!
  • Challenge Island students work with tribes full of friends on hands-on creative problem solving adventures. Core socio-emotional skills 21st like collaboration, communication, and compromise are fostered and bonds and friendships are built in the process.
  • Our child-driven learning approach makes Challenge Island an enriching and developmentally appropriate experience for a wide span of ages from preschool through middle school and beyond.

After School Enrichment

We offer hour long after school enrichment programs at schools in your area.

Our Winter Session, SuperStar Island, will begin the week of January 6th.   Superstar Island  is calling all trailblazers, groundbreakers, and universe-shakers! You child and their tribe will take a STEAMtastic journey through our Challenge Island Hall of Fame from Amelia Earhart to Walt Disney to Jackie Robinson to Steve Jobs to a galaxy of other game-changers. Super Star Island shines as bright as a Challenge Island kid, so grab onto your child’s inner star and join us for this stellarly cross-curricular engineering adventure!

We have the following schools running our programs.  If your school isn’t on our list, contact us and your school principal.  We’d love to bring Challenge Island Reno-Sparks to more schools in the Truckee Meadows.

MONDAYS: Beasley ES, Melton ES, Silverlake ES, Double Diamond ES, Van Gorder ES

TUESDAYS: Pleasant Valley ES, Peavine ES, Westergard ES, Whitehead ES, Huffaker ES

WEDNESDAYS: Caughlin Ranch ES

THURSDAYS: Sepulveda ES, Gomes ES, Mt. Rose ES

If you need times or more class information, please click the “Register Now” tab at the top of the page.

We hope you’ll join us on our next Challenge Island adventure!

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